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Engage your customers. Mobile apps and websites give your business the opportunity to interact with your customers in real time with valuable information on location, specials and upcoming events. Effective mobile solutions produce an engaged customer, which translates into repeat business from loyal customers.

Promote your products and services. Statistics show that consumers perfer  companies that offer mobile apps more than those that don't. We help your business stand out, which will help you build relationships with your customers. Realtors, Lawyers, Plumbers, Non Profits, Organizations, Restaurants, Bars, Sports Team and just about every type of business needs a mobile presence.


New Customer Acquisition. Your business depends on new customers. By 2019, there are expected to be 5.6 billion smartphones. Companies that offer mobile apps and responsive design sites appealing to the mobile medium will be ahead of the competition. Mobile apps and websites integrated with social media give your business the ability to acquire new customers that may otherwise have never come.

ROI (Return on Investment) The question many businesses have is, can we afford it,  when you should be asking, can we afford not to. Our products and services cost less than most newspaper ads and can deliver an ROI within the first month.

Education on mobile marketing and social media is a big part of what we do, so we developed vital tools for our clients to ensure success with our products. We've also developed other apps, websites and social media venues to help our clients advertise.

Our skilled web designers work with both new and existing websites to give you the look, feel and usability you need. So whether you need to get online for the first time, improve an underperforming website or just need an updated, fresh mobile site, we have you covered.

BizPig has structured our programs with the business owners budget in mind. Our programs are affordable for all types & sizes of businesses. We have clients with hundreds of employees down to one!

We build dynamic customized mobile apps with interactive functions that reward your customers for sharing on THEIR social media sites!  In addition to increasing social media exposure, you can run your own loyalty rewards programs at no additional cost! 

Small business owners around the country are using BizPig to develop affordable, customized mobile marketing strategies to build their brands, interact with customers, & increase sales!

We understand the importance of continued support and service. Our clients communicate with us directly via phone, email or web chat. Our month to month hosting and service plans are non contract which means we make sure our clients are successful by providing the most up to date mobile products and services. 

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